Award Winning Magazine

Dear Students:

URBANA v5 invites all IAC students to be part of our Award Winning Literary & Arts Magazine.  Your poetry, short story, art, photography and/or other creative expressions could also win an award, but only if you submit now.  The deadline for Fall Term submissions is quickly approaching (November 15, 2011).  Email us your submissions at<>.

Don’t wait, be a winner of an award (see recent awards below) and let the world discover your creative expressions.  We also invite you to join us in one of two Creative Writing courses in the Spring Term that will be specifically producing additional work to be published in URBANA v5.  The two classes are: Ref#668548, CRW2001, Creative Writing 1 and Ref#668549, CRW2002, Creative Writing 2.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your creative work included in our award winning magazine. (Contact Prof. Sendin at<> for more information about the courses.)

Below you will find a list of the Florida College Systems Publications Association (FCSPA) awards and recipients. You may see the awarded pieces in our online magazine:<>.

First Place, Illustration with Text, Melissa Larrocha (“Las Ataduras” page 66-77)
First Place, Illustrations with Text, Michelin Javier (“Self-Portrait” page 79), Melissa Larrocha (“Lightplay” page 88), and Laura Loret de Mola (“Popup” page 50)
Third Place, Photography, Bertha Campo (“Nicaraguan Boy” page 129)
Third Place, Poetry, Rachel Delgado (“Series” pages 108-111)

Other categories for which we can compete are:

Best Fiction
Best Poetry
Best Non-Fiction
Best Front Cover
Best Design
Best Photography
And Others

Please join me in congratulating last year’s winners and Urbana IV staff.


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