ATOMIC LOVE, Orlando Padron

The hearts we possess
are made up of positive vibes;
any negative feelings
would remain outside.

The bond we preserve
will never go off course;
how our hearts interact
could be referred to as a nuclear force.

We live a balanced life, hand in hand,
while awake and as we slumber.
Each indelible moment together
is represented as our atomic number.

I’ll show you my affection
by creating a datum,
clarifying our love is inseparable
like an atom.


One comment on “ATOMIC LOVE, Orlando Padron

  1. janise duboue says:

    I really like how the rhyme scheme complements the use of vocabulary. For instance, in the last stanza when Padron rhymes datum with atom, not only does it follow the same rhyme scheme experienced through out the poem, but it also gives volume to the strong feeling of love that is trying to be communicated to the reader. Padron refers to his love being inseperable like an atom, giving the idea that if they were to seperate, it would be catastrophic. I love how this simple line paints such a vivid picture. The poem is short, sweet but depicts strong, witty emotion.

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