No llores por un amor
Si fue verdadero
Tras sus huellas volverá
Si no fue sincero
Otro lo reemplazará
No se acaba el mundo
Cuando un amor se va.


2 comments on “HUELLAS DEL DESTINO, Tania Kussy

  1. yitsy ruiz says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for reminding me of what my grandmother has tol me my whole life. For some reason your words made it easier for me to understand it.I think we can all relate to this poem because in one way or another we have been hurt. This poem reminds of the old saying that says ” what is meant to be, will be”.

  2. yitsy ruiz says:

    This poem brought back many sad memories of my past relationship. It also took me back to the time when that relationship first ended and I thought it was the end of the world. As teenagers we always fall in love and when that relationship ends, we think we will not be able to love again. Reality is, just like the poem says, when love is not real another one will come and replace it. When it is real no matter how many relationships you have after that one, the real one will always come behind its true love. I remember the first time my past boyfriend and I broke up, and we both went our separate ways, and a few months after, we got back. Things like that one made me think that we were meant to be and he was my real and only love. After that time we separated definitely and now I am experiencing a love like no other , and that love is motherhood. I would like to tell this writer that I’m amazed how such a short poem was able to bring back so many memories. It was able to transport me to those days when I was feeling depressed and did not find hope anywhere. If I would have come across this poem during those hard days,maybe I would not have suffered as much as I did. This poem will go generation to generation without a thought because it relates to anybody that falls in love. Regardless of how old they are when we lose something we love we think nothing will be able to replace that ever again, and in reality nothing will replace it, but you will find something to help you cope with that loss. This poem also reminded me of an old lady that would always tell me “what is meant will be”. There is a part on the poem where the writer says ” If love was real, it will come back, and if it was not, another one will replace it”. I think those words can give you strength you need to cope with a lost love. It is incredible the power this poem had on me and my feelings.

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