WAR MUSIC, Jonathan Flores

I run, I climb, I slide, I fall
Escaping from danger, that is all
“Swish!” next to my ear, “Bam!” in front and “Boom!” behind
We should’ve known, we made a mistake, there was a sign
A red flag, a blue flag and a white
Not the American flag, it’s the Taliban wanting to fight
Each a marker to blow us piece by piece
But our training keeps us from resting in peace
We pass by the blue, “Boom!” Shocked, what to do?
We pass by the white, “Bam!” Fighting back, they are out of sight
We pass by the red, “Swish!” There is blood, distress and friends shot in the head

I run, I climb, I slide, I fall
Escaping from danger, that is all
“Swish!” next to my ear, “Bam!” in front and “Boom!” behind
I’m running, running for my life
Surrounded by steep mountains and rocky hills
This is a nightmare where everyone dies or kills
I reach out to one rock, it slips and I go
Back down again to a place I don’t want to know
I look to my left and look to my right
I am luckier than my buddies; they’re bleeding and full of fright

Thinking back about these times, the music just comes back to my ears
“Boom! Bam! Swish! Boom! Bam! Swish!”


4 comments on “WAR MUSIC, Jonathan Flores

  1. Ariel Turgman says:

    what was your inspiration for this story? Did someone in your family get shipped to a war?

    • URBANA v5 says:

      I will forward your question to the author and ask him to respond to your comment.

    • Jonathan Flores says:

      I am currently in the U.S. Army and I deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 2010. My inspiration came from my experience there and the experience of my fellow soldiers that I served with, next to me or not. Being out there is tough and it was a great chance to show the people the experience and feelings through the eyes of a soldier knowing that it is one of the toughest things to imagine. This is dedicated to all those service members who have died in honor for our country and those who have served.

  2. I am currently in the U.S. Army and i deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 for a year. It’s bought being out there and it’s tough for people who haven’t experienced it to understand it. Since writing a poem in one of the most expressive way to right, in my opinion, i wrote on the feelings, events and thoughts that one experiences in a combat zone. I wrote this as a tribute for all of those those that have died with honor and all those who have served.

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