HOPE OF LOVE, Florencia Rodriguez

HOPE OF LOVE, Florencia Rodriguez


One comment on “HOPE OF LOVE, Florencia Rodriguez

  1. Karina Perez says:

    When i saw this piece of art i felt a strange connection. Although i don’t completely understand it, there were aspects of it that intrigued me. It gave me a feeling of strength but also made me think of personal experiences. The first thing that caught my attention was the bleeding heart. It made me think that people are often hurt, especially in love. However, there were aspects of the artwork that gave me hope, hence the name “Hope of Love”. The way the girl is looking upward makes me feel like after heartbreak and sorrow there is still hope of happiness. Another dimension of the artwork that intrigued me was that it seemed as though she is playing the harp. It makes me think of music, which inspires me. I felt a connection to my own personal experience in love and the emotions it left me with. If i had a chance to meet the artist i would tell her that her artwork really evoked feelings in me. It had a sense of sorrow and sadness, but at the same time gave a spirit of hope. I would tell her that i think she made a good decision of making that artwork black and white instead of color. It created a stronger emotional feeling, especially with the detail of the red blood. This piece of art has left me with curiosity,yet hope.

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