MEMPHIS DRIVE – Hearts as Heavy as Anchors

Singer-Song Writer, Leo Flores

Music by Local Band, Memphis Drive made up of MDC students.




2 comments on “MEMPHIS DRIVE – Hearts as Heavy as Anchors

  1. Susana Pineda says:

    Like works of art and literature, music has always had a way of capturing my attention and causing me to think in the artist’s perspective. The song Heart as Heavy as Anchors by Memphis Drive is a sweet song with a heartwarming melody. The lyrics send a powerful message straight to my heart. It’s easy to picture Leo’s fingers strumming the guitar strings as the son plays around my head. I can practically see myself lying on the bottom of a small boat, floating out in the vast ocean without a care in the world. In another setting, I see myself in a dark corner of a small bar with the band on stage and soft lights focusing on the singer as the whole crowd quiets down to listen. I will admit that I’ve been replaying this song over and over on my laptop about a dozen times a day since I’ve discovered it. Leo, the song writer, found a way to pull me in with his sweet voice and precious chords in a way that I don’t think I’ll be able to forget. His song reminds me of a few bands that I heard religiously throughout my high school years, which brought back memories of happier days, even though there’s an almost sorrowful undertone to the song. Memphis Drive captured my heard and I look forward to running into them later on in the future. I wish them all the best of luck. It’s bands like them that deserve to be heard throughout all the radio waves and headphone buds of the world.

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