One comment on “BEACH

  1. maria barzola says:

    “INFINITY’’ BY Neldo Garcia

    I picked this artist Neldo Garcia because I like his work (photography), and

    this photo, “Infinity” reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in a small town on

    the beach in Guayas, Ecuador. I used to go to see the sunset almost every day, and I

    love the beach, sun, the sea, and the horizon view from the beach. It lets me get

    connected with nature. Furthermore, the photograph gave me flashbacks that helped me

    remember when I was a little girl. I used to walk with my parents next to a shoreline

    similar to the photograph. We would talk about our day, perspectives and points of view.

    In addition, “Infinity”, lets me reflect on the other things that are infinite such us: time,

    space, eternity, and love. Moreover, Garcia’s pictures are very artistic and professional.

    He captures viewers attention with certain sense of sensitivity and deep sense of freedom

    expressing his feelings to the world. I enjoyed his photographs very much, especially the

    ones where the sea is the main character.

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