TENTACLES, Elyse (Vivi) Caveda

“Wait up, Chris! Alex just found out his phone doesn’t have parental blocks!” shouted a slightly chubby blonde boy in a preppy school uniform. Chris cringed and stopped dead in his tracks, thinking he had gotten out of class early enough to not have to walk home with some of his most loathsome classmates. He was wrong.

“I really don’t have time to watch porn or whatever with you guys, I have stuff to do in a little while,” Chris said clearly, but deliberately avoiding eye contact.

Alex finally caught up just in time to hear this and remarked slyly, “Oh, so you have a girlfriend now?”  He smirked, barely looking up from an expensive touch-screen phone that no fourteen year old would really ever need.

Two of the three boys sniggered only to see a particular shade of red had slowly crept its way onto Chris’s cheeks.

“You do have a girlfriend, don’t you? Amazing. Everyone thought you were a queer.” said the blondeboy giddily, patting Chris on the back.

“Shut up, Robert.”

“Blah, enough gossiping, take a look at this!” Alex waved the phone in front of both their faces. The screen displayed a Japanese website, the video buffering for a second before playing.

There was a moment of silence as the animated cartoon featured a rather busty young Japanese schoolgirl cleaning a chalkboard with jiggling vigor.

“Dude, gross!” bellowed Robert as soon as a monstrous demonic blob raised the girl’s skirt and inserted a series of phallic limbs into most of her orifices. “Why can’t they just have a human dude with an actual thing do it to her?”

Chris groaned loudly at the fact that this conversation was even happening. His head was already swollen with the pointlessness of the things these two idiots discussed every day, and it was getting to be all too much for him.

Alex ignored him and slid his glasses up the bridge of his nose in a professorial manner. “In Japan, they have decency laws against showing penises, even in porn. Tentacles are an easy way to get around it, so they became a popular theme.”

“Freakin’ weird. You sure know a lot about this stuff, Alex.” Robert huffed with more than a dash of discomfort as he pushed the hand holding the phone away from his face.

Alex pocketed the phone smoothly without even blinking. “Oh, I agree. It’s completely weird. I’m just fascinated by how sick some things on the internet are; not to mention that people actually get off on this. What kind of person-”

“This is my house, guys. I’ll see you on Monday.” Chris interrupted, already two steps up his porch with a jingling set of keys at the ready.

“Weren’t we meeting at Robert’s house on Sunday?” Alex said with a puzzled expression.

“Nope, I’ve got to clean my room and mow the lawn.” The last word of the sentence was punctuated by the abrupt slam of the front door.
Only when the third lock on the door clicked into place, could Chris sigh loudly in relief. He promptly dropped his backpack onto a chair, and was about to take off his jacket when he felt a cool embrace come from behind to take hold of his arms and shoulders. He tilted his head back as he felt murmuring nuzzles travel up his spine and neck.

“Oh Chris, you know I think you’re so cute when you’re in your school uniform. Keep it on today.” said a mature, feminine voice with a commanding air.

Feeling something slide deftly into his slacks, he reeled further backward, having long since rested all his weight back on her. “Anything for you.” He exhaled deeply before allowing himself to be enveloped in her wonderfully tingling gelatinous ooze; half a dozen tentacles wrapped around his chest.