The man before me gleamed helplessly, surprised from my assault, falling with such force my heart vibrated for a moment. He was only one among the eight humans who challenged me, hoping to have the honor and privilege to have defeated fire in a fight to the death. Two more of their numbers were coming in from behind me. They did not think I had already noticed them. How foolish. My sword Rhea, who rested in my right hand, leaped to my left so I could catch the chains one of the men wanted to wrap me in. The second I grasped its coldness I pulled it close. Never would I forget the look in that man’s face as he fell towards me. The light slowly faded from his eyes.  As I spun around and sliced his chest open, the blood danced above his wound before giving in to the force of my swing. He was probably the only one among these hubris mortals who truly understood how strong I was. I appeared before the other man and cut him down before he could even react.

I am not known as just heat in the universe. I am something far beyond that. I am energy in motion; I am acceleration, power, and even a force strong enough to rip particles apart. I can accelerate anything to whatever speed I want. Though I am limited by being in a physical form, I am not feared or respected across an infinite number of galaxies and universes, even among my own family, merely because I possess these wonderful gifts. Yes, they are frightening, but that alone would not be enough to give me the strength to subdue all my younger siblings together and make them follow and respect me. There is only one reason why all of them respect me so and it is because I am strong.


Across the centuries on this planet I had counted myself off, choosing to hide from the world I feared I would destroy. But I forgot that is the very role of nature.

My abilities are beyond most of my family. While they can live in this world peacefully, like my younger sister Water, or cause a commotion like my younger brother Chaos.  My abilities have a kind of pressure and responsibility; I was wrong to assume I could hide out forever.

I cleaned the blood off Rhea and waited for the next one to step forward.  It did not matter what they did. If they planned against my sword, it would not be enough. If they planned against all of my other abilities, it still would not be enough. Even if they planned against a catastrophic event, such as the sun ending, or the universe being swallowed by a massive black hole, it would not be enough.  I will always be beyond their reach.