Our students are producing photography in various categories including but not limited to: Life Photography, Portraiture, Black & White, City, Nature & Landscape, Fashion Photography and so on.  Although Works of Photography will appear through out URBANA volume 5, works that comprise a series will be presented collectively in the Photography section of the Magazine.  We hope you find their work as provocative, innovative and inspiring as we do.


2 comments on “Photography

  1. Magaly Suarez says:

    This photograph has a deep meaning. A picture can say and describe thousands of thoughts. Los Caminos or the pathways are set in such a way that makes me look deeper into meaning of life. The photographer is very artistic and creative. I really appreciate his work and the openness he leaves for his viewers. There I can observe the sky with its clouds that are unlimited. There are two paths in the wide open ocean. One is a wood jetty and the other path is made of rocks. The wood jetty is very short and seems it does not lead to a far place. Meanwhile the rock path on the horizon looks like it does not end. It invites you to walk and discover a new land. It motivates you to keep adding rocks in this path to follow your dream. Some people may think a rock their path represents failure ,but if you find yourself with many rocks along the journey of life, don’t just ignore them but pick them up to create a path or bridge that will lead to your dreams. These rocks are going to make your path very strong and you are going to walk in this path without any limits looking forward into the infinite blue sky.

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